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A singer with vision and purpose.

Hudson Bertram is a 15-year-old showman from Australia, who enlivens and is enlightened by the stage. Hudson’s gift is his voice and his ability to deliver emotion charged performances beyond his years.


What people are saying

"Hudson Bertram was a sweet and earnest Gavroche. Lending a sincere charm to the role, Bertram excelled at both the comedy and the drama required with the ease of a much older performer. For such a young man, he is definitely one to watch."

Theatre People Review

"Our city is so blessed to have a wonderful artist and performer like Hudson Bertram. Hudson, I know you will always stay true to your roots and I look forward to seeing how far you can take Australian music!"

Mayor Of Ipswich Teresa Harding

“You are a remarkable performer that performs with great detail and sensitivity! You are PHENOMENAL!”

Danny Benn - Principal Teacher at Southern Lights Vocal Academy

“You tell the story with an individual freedom of expression. You respond in a personal way to the text which engages the listener. You are a storyteller.”

Alele Nisbet - Former Lecturer in Voice and Vocal Pedagogy Qld Conservatorium of Music

“You are a strong charismatic performer with a huge amount of poise and grace”

Danielle Matthews - Australian Singer, Musical Theatre and Cabaret Artist.

“You are an artist no doubt! A voice beyond your years. The world needs to watch out for you”

Naomi Drogemuller - Bachelor Of Music (Education) Honours
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What's New

Ipswich Vocal Eisteddfod 2021
Hudson achieved great success during this years Vocal Eisteddfod across all genres of singing including Art Song, Traditional Ballad, Musical...
LLB Vocal Studios Concert 2021
A great night was had by all, at Lisa Lockland Bells Vocal Studio's Concert at Christopher's Fine Foods. Tonight the...
F.O.I.L.S High Tea 2021
Hudson sings a beautiful version of Danny Boy and Somewhere Over The Rainbow at the F.O.I.L.S High Tea along with...
Ipswich Musical Theatre Company Goes Platinum 2021
In April 2021 Hudson joined the Ipswich Musical Theatre Company cast in a celebratory 20th Anniversary Gala Concert. A 3...
Little Mermaid Jnr – Prince Eric 2021
In April 2021 Hudson played the lead role of Prince Eric in Fusion Arts Inc production of Little Mermaid Jnr.
Performing Arts Night 2021
Hudson sings an emotional rendition of Danny Boy at St Edmunds College Performing Arts Night as well as performing in...